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  • The research programmes of ISAS pursue the development of various analytical methods to support cross-scale multi-parameter analysis in health research. The objective of this is to address the complex challenges in relation to analytics for personalised medicine (precision medicine).

    The three research programmes of the institute interlock with one another owing to the many scientific and technological questions. The synergies resulting from the interdisciplinary collaboration benefits the research projects within a programme. Combining complementary analytical methods plays a central role in the development of new multi-method concepts for health research. In this context the focus is always on the application-specific use of analytics.

  • The research programmes focus on: clarifying disease mechanisms and identifying possible treatment approaches – including application reference for subsequent pre-clinical research in both cases; identification and detection of diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic markers; location- and time-resolved, ideally in-vivo representation of processes, from the molecular to the cellular level; non-invasive and non-destructive analysis methods.


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