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Our Technical Services Bioanalytics particularly offer the preparation of peptide standards for precise and robust protein quantification. Solid phase peptide synthesis and amino acid analysis (AAA) are prime disciplines established at ISAS. Amino acid analysis is one of the most precise methods to determine the quantity of peptides and proteins. It can therefore also be deployed to determine the quantity of proteins in complex cell lysates. Peptide standards are synthetized on request.

We are able to produce several peptides in parallel in different quantities. In solid phase peptide synthesis, we can currently achieve yields of one to ten milligram. We furthermore use so-called tip synthesis to create stable isotope-marked peptides ranging in yield from 0.1 to 1 mg. The success of synthesis very much depends on the precise peptide sequence. The peptide length is usually between 6 and 25 amino acids. These are generally tryptic peptides with lysin or arginine on the C-terminus. On request, we can help you to select suitable peptides.

We furthermore offer the synthesis of phosphorylated peptides (Ser(PO4), Thr(PO4) and Tyr(PO4)), and the synthesis of peptides with a heavy amino acid. On request, subsequent purification via RP-HPLC and quantity determination is also possible.

We determine the quantity of proteins or peptides (if the sequence is known) by means of AAA. Successful quantification requires the sample to be free of primary and secondary amines.