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Our NMR-based Metabolomics Platform is able to analyse cells at different levels of complexity: adherent and suspension cell-culture, spheroids, organoids, primary tissue. Moreover our Metabolomics Platform is able to be adapted to different fields of applications: general metabolism analysis, toxicology assay (development), pharmacology assay (development), drug metabolism.

Areas of application

We developed a planar NMR-sample loading and analysing system, that is suitable to contain and sustain cultured cells, spheroids, organoids and tissue over several days under stable conditions. Our Metabolomics Platform is able continuously monitor metabolites and small molecules. Using the controlled pulses technique you are able to get specific information about a certain metabolite, amino acid, drug or other small molecule. The platform ist able to perform snap-shot measurements, integrated live measurements for low abundant metabolites/molecules, online and offline kinetics. Several prototypes are available and currently used in application based research projects.


Compared to already available solutions in NMR-based cell- and tissue analysis our Metabolomics Platform grants several advantages:

  • easy to handle (no need to remove cells from cultured environment),

  • flexible in a wide range of applications,

  • easy and cost-efficient in production,

  • suitable for chemical analysis and imaging.


NMR based technologies are frequently used to identify and characterise small chemical molecules at a highly reliable level. In current approaches NMR techniques are frequently adapted to analyse cells, tissues and organs and retrieve chemical information in a space resolved manner. We present an easy-to-handle NMR-based technology development that is suitable for a wide range of applications with a high amount of flexibility and possibilities for adaption to specific applications.

Intellectual property rights

Germany: DE102014107296 (P/84), DE102015115996 (P/101), DE102014115572 (P/88)


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Selected property rights

  • Probenkopf für die kernmagnetische Resonanzspektroskopie »Doppelresonanz-Probenkopf auf Mikrostreifenleiterbasis für die kernmagnetische Resonanzspektroskopie an massen- und volumenbegrenzten Proben«

    DE-Patent: DE102014107296