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Homozygous WASHC4 variant in two sisters causes a syndromic phenotype defined by dysmorphisms, intellectual disability, profound developmental disorder, and skeletal muscle involvement

The Journal of pathology, Bd. 256, Nr. 1, , S. 93–107
Type: Zeitschriftenbeitrag

Phenotypical and Myopathological Consequences of Compound Heterozygous Missense and Nonsense Variants in SLC18A3

Cells, Bd. 10, Nr. 12,
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High-resolution three-dimensional imaging for precise staging in melanoma

European Journal of Cancer, Bd. 159, , S. 182–193
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Imaging innate immunity

Immunological Reviews,
Type: Zeitschriftenbeitrag

Intracellular Lipid Accumulation and Mitochondrial Dysfunction Accompanies Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Caused by Loss of the Co-chaperone DNAJC3

Frontiers in cell and developmental biology, Bd. 9,
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Tissue-resident macrophages mediate neutrophil recruitment and kidney injury in shiga toxin-induced hemolytic uremic syndrome

Kidney international, Bd. 100, Nr. 2, , S. 349–363
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