We make things measurable that cannot be measured today: Our aim is to promote the development of analytical technologies by combining our expertise on chemistry, biology, physics and informatics. Research at ISAS concentrates on providing methods for a multi-parameter analysis of biological materials; we want to improve the prevention and early diagnosis of diseases and enable faster, more precise therapies.

Excellent interdisciplinary research, the training of up-and-coming scientific talent and the transfer of our findings to science, economy and the general public are our key objectives.


ISAS Kompakt

Sven Heiles Receives Justus Liebig University Giessen Award

JLU-Präsident Prof. Dr. Joybrato Mukherjee überreicht Prof. Dr. Sven Heiles die Urkunde zum JLU-Preis beim akademischen Festakt in Gießen.

Congratulations to Prof Dr Sven Heiles, head of the junior research group Lipidomics at ISAS: For his outstanding scientific achievements, he received the award of the Justus Liebig University Giessen. The chemist focuses on researching the structure and spatial distribution of lipids.

What are you doing at ISAS, Konrad?

Konrad Krug, Volontär bei der Leibniz-Gemeinschaft, besucht am ISAS eines der Labore

How does a mathematician from Berlin end up in one of the labs at ISAS when it comes to health research? And what does his stay have to do with science communication? Konrad Krug, a trainee at the Leibniz Association, has the answers.

Guest at ISAS: Colloquium with Prof Dr Harald H.H.W. Schmidt

Portrait Prof. Dr. Harald H.H.W. Schmidt

Poor incentives in science that inhibit basic research and innovation, the redefinition of diseases and the organisation of medicine by means of Big Data - all these aspects will be the subject of the lecture by systems medicine pioneer Prof. Dr. Harald H.H.W. Schmidt. The event is taking place in Dortmund on 3.11.2022 and will be broadcast online.

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Innovative contributions are made at ISAS to solve scientific challenges in health research – from basic research through to standardising methods.
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We at ISAS are a decisive force in driving the development of analytical technologies. Our results enable things to be measured that cannot be measured today.
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International experts from various fields work under one roof at ISAS to develop and refine measurement methods.
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We promote young scientific talent and offer an attractive scientific environment for interdisciplinary research.
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The great practical relevance of our research work is important to us. We transfer our findings into practical applications together with partners from science and industry.
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