• Medical diagnostic test for thrombocyte function
  • Measurement on individual cell basis
  • High throughput method

The invention utilizes the different membrane compositions of the thrombocytes in an activated and non-activated condition to study the trajectories of blood platelets in free-flow electrophoresis. After coming into contact with an activator/inhibitor, the thrombocytes are deflected in the electrical field in keeping with the membrane's surface charge. The form of the trajectories of the individual thrombocytes then permits conclusions about the degree in which they can be activated/inhibited. In comparison to standard methods (thrombocyte aggregometry and aPTT test), this process is based on the measurement of individual cells, less costly, and transportable thanks to its size.

Clinical diagnostics

Patent status:
German patent granted; DE (ref.: 10 2014 112 270.4), applications: EP (ref.: 15 180 931.6), CN (ref.: 201510534868.4), U.S. (ref.: 14/835,834), JP (ref.: 2015-165635)

Becker, M., Marggraf, U. and Janasek, D. Separation of Proteins using a novel two-depth miniaturized Free-Flow Electrophoresis device with multiple outlet fractionation channels. J. Chromatogr., A 1216(47): 8265–8269, 2009.


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