The de.NBI consortium (German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure) provides the free analysis tool "iceLogo". The program compares sequences of biomolecules such as DNA or proteins and visualises conserved sequences.

iceLogo was developed at the University of Ghent in Belgium and was set up in a web server cluster at ISAS. It is available online as a stand alone version and a server version:

iceLogo online


Other services

Ellipsometry of the visible spectrum through to the vacuum ultraviolet range

This method measures the electronic properties, crystallinity and structure of thin layers from the micrometre range through to atomic structures.
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Peptide synthesis and amino acid analysis

Our services include the synthesis of peptide standards for precise and robust protein quantification.
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Polarisation-dependent infrared spectroscopy and ellipsometry

This technique is particularly well suited for investigating new materials, metamaterials, hybrid materials and thin organic and inorganic layers.
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Proteome analysis via LC-MS

ISAS is equipped with the latest LC-MS systems which enable us to reliably identify proteins.
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Relative protein quantification by means of LC-MS

In addition to qualitative analyses, our Technical Services Bioanalytics also offers to quantify proteins.
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