Third-party funded: EMA3D

Joint research project of ISAS, HZB and SENTECH

funded by Pro FIT No. 10160255(ISAS), 10160256 (Sentech), 10160265(HZB) – ERDF

Design, process control and exploitation of new technological capabilities of surfaces and films for optical and biotechnological applications require nondestructive measurement devices and methods for characterization. Funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), new ellipsometric methods for the analysis of surfaces for optical and biotechnological applications (biosensors or biotemplates) will be investigated and enhanced. The expertise of three partners located in Berlin are merged in this joint research project.

Research objectives:

  • SENTECH Instruments GmbH: spectroscopic reflectometry and ellipsometry, plasma etching and deposition, metrology for solar cells
  • HZB: development of processes and structures for novel solar cells and biotemplates, scanning electron microscopy, fluorescence, Raman and photoluminescence spectroscopy, electrochemistry
  • ISAS: IR-UV spectroscopy/ellipsometry, structural analysis, methodical developments, in the field of IR spectroscopy and modeling of optical properties of novel materials and surfaces