Third-party funded: Application lab for IR laser ellipsometry

Grant number EFRE 1.8/13

As part of this project, an application laboratory for Infrared Laser Ellipsometry is being set up at ISAS Berlin.

Methods like the Infrared Ellipsometry are important analytical methods in a wide range of applications from materials science to bioanalytics and biomedicine. They offer a wide range of applications as they allow contactless, non-destructive and label-free analysis of the structure and composition of sample materials. In cooperation with SENTECH Instruments, ISAS scientists have developed a novel infrared ellipsometer for laboratory investigations. For measurements with high time resolution it combines the analytical capabilities of infrared fingerprint spectroscopy and ellipsometry with the advantages of a brilliant radiation source. The combination of a quantum cascade laser with established measurement routines makes this new measurement method accessible for laboratory operation and can thus provide many advantages of synchrotron ellipsometry with high spectral resolution (< 0.5 cm-1) in the laboratory. In their article in Optics Letters, ISAS researchers demonstrate the world's first infrared laser-based polarimeter for spectral measurements in a reflection geometry with sub-second time resolution and sub-millimeter spatial resolution. The excellent temporal resolution for ellipsometric measurements was achieved by a novel single-shot measuring principle, i.e. the simultaneous performance of four different polarization-dependent measurements.

It is currently planned to open this laboratory to external users from the end of 2020.