Application Laboratory on in-situ Spectroscopy

Current Publications

Towards Catalytic Applications of Infrared Laser Polarimetry - Invited Talk

Vol. 58,
Book series: Verhandlungen der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft
Type: Book contribution

Multiscale IR polarimetry of anisotropic nanofibers

Proceedings of SPIE - International Society for Optical Engineering, Vol. 2023, Nr. 12372, , P. 31
Type: Journal article

Infrared and Raman spectroscopic analysis of functionalized graphene

Applied Research, Vol. 2, Nr. 1,
Type: Journal article

Ultrafast element- and depth-resolved magnetization dynamics probed by transverse magneto-optical Kerr effect spectroscopy in the soft x-ray range

Physical Review Research, Vol. 4, Nr. 2,
Type: Journal article