TImPANI project partners meet in Dortmund

On 14 and 15 January, the partners of the twinning project TImPANI ("Twinning in atmospheric Plasma science and applications") met for an introductory visit at ISAS City in Dortmund. The visit was the second meeting of the cooperation partners after the project kickoff in Cyprus in November 2018.

In its programme "Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation", the EU supports so-called twinning projects in which up-and-coming institutions from countries with comparatively lower research performance are to be strengthened by links to at least two internationally leading institutions in a certain research area. For these projects, the focus is less on research itself than on networking and research transfer between the institutions. The partners from the "weaker" regions in particular should benefit from this cooperation. Thus, the EU wants to close the research and innovation gap between different member states and regions in Europe.

TImPANI is coordinated by the Electromagnetics and Novel Applications Lab (ENAL) of the University of Cyprus and is intended to advance the research and development of atmospheric pressure plasma (APP). In addition to ENAL and ISAS, the University of Jaén, Spain, is also involved in the project. Exchange and networking are an important part of the project plan; the programme for the coming years includes mutual trainings and webinars as well as summer schools for PhD students. The aim is to create a core team of scientists with extensive expertise in the field of numerical simulation and modelling of APP, their fabrication and characterisation, and advanced mass spectrometry with APP as ionisation source. The meeting at ISAS served to identify the most promising areas for the planned training and networking activities and to develop ideas to support research at ENAL.

TImPANI started in November 2018 and will be funded with almost one million euros from EU funds until the end of October 2021. ISAS will receive about 300,000 euros of this sum. The activities of the project partners are regularly published on Facebook at @Timpani.project; a project website is currently under construction.