Successful evaluation

Leibniz senate recommends that ISAS remains in the Leibniz Association

ISAS has successfully completed its evaluation: On 11 July, the senate of the Leibniz Association has commented on the evaluation process and has attested the institute “a very convincing scientific performance” as well as a sophisticated strategy and ambitious aims. ISAS also is “highly interdisciplinary and possesses an impressive range of modern methods in materials science and bioanalytics”. The senate therefore recommends that the institute should be funded for a complete evaluation period of seven years.

ISAS has drawn some important conclusions for its further development from the senate’s suggestions, particularly those on extending biomedical research at the institute. We are planning to establish an experimental animal housing for mice at our Dortmund location, as these facilities are extremely rare in this region. Many local institutions and companies would benefit from a mouse facility and the respective services it will provide, so that this step is of paramount importance for our institute’s sustainability.

We thank the senate for the constructive feedback and keep on working towards our aim of developing analytical methods for health research.

A (German) press release of the Leibniz Association concerning the evaluation results of ISAS and other Leibniz institutions is available in the press section of the Leibniz website.