Albert Sickmann elected as speaker of Section D of the Leibniz Association

During the Annual Meeting 2017 of the Leibniz Association in Berlin, Albert Sickmann was elected as speaker of Section D. He has already been the Section’s deputy speaker since 2012; on 1 January 2018, he will take office as speaker for two years.

The five sections represent the scientific profile of the Leibniz Association. Their task is to enhance the exchange of knowledge and the cooperation between institutes and to promote young scientists.

Section D unites all Leibniz institutions with a background in natural, technical, or engineering sciences, such as ISAS. The institutions in Section D combine knowledge-oriented research on mathematics, astrophysics, or atmospheric physics with application-oriented work on innovative semiconductor building blocks, new materials, medical diagnostics, and environmental analysis. Moreover, modelling and simulating complex processes enables these institutions to make reliable predictions in areas that are not (yet) accessible to experimental approaches.