Gala Dinner with Joe Biden: Cancer Moonshot actuates global cancer research

Albert Sickmann, head of ISAS, represented the institute at the "HUPO2017 Global Leadership Gala Dinner" on 16 September in Dublin, where he met Joe Biden, former Vice President of the United States. The event was catalysed by the Cancer Moonshot initiative, which is under the patronage of Joe Biden and of which ISAS has been a part since its launch in 2016. The dinner event was hosted by the Human Proteome Organization (HUPO).

On this occasion, Joe Biden gave a Keynote speech on "International Cooperation in the Fight Against Cancer", the core topic of the Cancer Moonshot initiative. In the scope of the initiative, ISAS (as the only participating German institution so far) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with several leading research institutions in North America in 2016, aiming to enhance research on causes for cancer and new therapies via proteogenomics. Proteogenomics focuses not only on the detailed investigation of tumour genomes, but also on analysing the proteins expressed by these genes, and their modifications. The results will be provided to the (specialist) public via platforms and publications to advance international cancer research.

These activities have now induced the HUPO to increase their own activities in cancer research and to use this year's HUPO World Congress 2017 to encourage further collaborations in this area. Meanwhile, a new research organisation has arisen inside the Cancer Moonshot initiative: The International Cancer Proteogenome Consortium (ICPC) has currently signed Memorandums of Understanding with multiple institutions in eleven countries that have pledged to publicly share their proteogenomic data. Across Europe, Swedish, British, and Swiss research teams have joined the ICPC. However, ISAS still remains the only German partner of the consortium.