Excellent science wins at ISAS

Cardiac researcher Kristina Lorenz wins the Arthur Weber Prize

Professor Kristina Lorenz, head of the Biomedical Research department at ISAS and director at the WGHZ (Westdeutsches Herz- und Gefäßzentrum) in Essen, has won the renowned Arthur Weber Prize from the German Cardiac Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kardiologie, DGK). The prize is worth 10,000 Euro and was awarded to her on 5 April 2018 in Mannheim.

Kristina Lorenz joined ISAS at the beginning of 2016 as a director and expert on the molecular basics of cardiac diseases. One of her major topics is heart failure or cardiac insufficiency, that is, the pathological inability of the heart to provide the necessary amount of blood for the cardiovascular system. She is particularly interested in the signals involved in the development and compensating processes of the disease. "About two millions of patients in Germany suffer from heart failure", pharmacologist Kristina Lorenz explains her focusing on this particular research topic. Moreover, she says, heart failure is one of the most wearing cardiac conditions, as it is often accompanied with severe symptoms such as shortness of breath or massive water retention in tissue. With her work, she aims to contribute to new potential treatments of the disease.

The Arthur Weber Prize is funded by the Arthur Weber Foundation (Arthur Weber Stiftung "Forschen um zu helfen!") and named after the German cardiologist Arthur Weber (1879 – 1975) who, amongst other merits, strongly campaigned for the development and application of diagnostic methods in cardiac medicine. Since 1959, the prize has been awarded every year during the Annual Meeting of the DGK to distinguish outstanding achievements in cardiac research.

PDF: Press release about the Arthur Weber Prize (German only)