Extension granted for Collaborative Research Centers with ISAS participation

Good news at ISAS: The DFG Collaborative Research Center 876, in which the institute has been a partner from the beginning of the project, has been granted another extension this week. Moreover, we are now a new partner in the Collaborative Research Center (CRC 1116), which has also been extended recently. This puts us in the happy position to participate in three CRCs at once; the third one is the CRC/TR 240 on platelet research.

CRC 1116 started in 2015 and focuses on "Master Switches in cardiac ischemia". The project consortium aims to find the central molecular switches for heart attacks, and to develop potential new therapies based on the results. The project is coordinated by the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf and has been extended for four additional years at the end of November. ISAS has recently joined the consortium and is now responsible for project part A09: Kristina Lorenz, head of the Biomedical Research department at ISAS and professort at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Duisburg-Essen, and her team will investigate molecular protection mechanisms in myocardial infarction, particularly the role of the RKIP protein. Moreover, another team lead by ISAS president Albert Sickmann is involved in project part S01 and contributes multiomics studies to the elucidation of the underlying disease mechanisms.

CRC 876 focuses on "Providing Information by Resource-Constrained Data Analysis". This CRC is coordinated by the TU Dortmund University and started in 2011, now being extended for the second time. At ISAS, Roland Hergenröder and his team from the Bioresponsive Materials group are responsible for project part B2. During the project, the team had already developed the PAMONO sensor: This device works with SPR microscopy and is able to detect and visualize nanoparticles. This method had initially been devised as a “virus scanner”, but offers a large range of potential applications in diagnostics and research. Therefore, the team will continue its development in the respective directions during the new funding period.