Robert Ahrends wins Biomedicine Award

The Society for the Promotion of Biomedical and Clinical Research e.V. (registered association) has awarded its annual Biomedicine Award during the "Dortmund Biomedicine Summit" on 23 October. One of the awardees is Dr Robert Ahrends, head of the Lipidomics group at ISAS.

He got the award for his research on novel methods for lipid analysis, as this molecule class is often inaccessible to conventional technologies. Moreover, lipids play a crucial role in cellular signal transduction, influence the regulatory functions of the cell, and are thus involved in the genesis of many illnesses. For instance, Robert Ahrends and his team have already identified 400 lipid species involved in platelet activation, and it is likely that these lipids will play an important role for investigating cardiovascular diseases.

Together with Robert Ahrends, another ISAS scientist was also honoured during the event: Dr Mikheil Gogiashvili from the Bioresponsive Materials (formerly Interface Processes) group got a certificate of honour for his research on the metabolism of mamma carcinoma. His work focuses on metabolic processes in human diseases, especially cancer. Mikheil Gogiashvili aims to elucidate the molecular processes in tumours to find new approaches for targeted cancer therapies.

Please find more details on the Biomedicine Award and the winners in the (German) press release from IfADo linked below, and on the IfADo website.

PDF: German Press release about the Biomedicine Award from IfADo (270.66 KB)