Translational Research

In the Translational Research department we want to better understand the fundamentals underlying illnesses and to find new ways to diagnose these illnesses at the earliest possible stage. Biomedical Research is an interdisciplinary field at the border between biology, physics and medicine.

We are investigating key molecular events to identify targets and biomarkers in cardiovascular diseases, in particular cardiomyopathies and heart failure; developing and improving analytical assays using miniaturized plasma sources and dielectrically hindered electrospray; and finally analyzing bioactive surfaces and their interaction with their environment in terms of molecular organization, transport, catalytic reactions and biological compatibility.

The working groups involved here (Cardiovascular Pharmacology, NMR Metabolomics, Miniaturisation) work together to continuously improve biomedical research in the fields of analytics, therapeutics and sustainability.

Current Publications

Complement 1q/Tumor Necrosis Factor‐Related Proteins (CTRPs): Structure, Receptors and Signaling

Biomedicines, Vol. 2023, Nr. 11,
Type: Journal article

Raman and fluorescence micro-spectroscopy applied for the monitoring of sunitinib-loaded porous silicon nanocontainers in cardiac cells

Frontiers in Pharmacology, Sec. Pharmacology of Anti-Cancer Drugs, Vol. 13, , P. 962763
Type: Journal article

CARS Imaging Advances Early Diagnosis of Cardiac Manifestation of Fabry Disease

International Journal of Molecular Science, Vol. 23, Nr. Special Issue,
Type: Journal article

Harnessing RKIP to Combat Heart Disease and Cancer

Cancers, Vol. 2022, Nr. 14,
Type: Journal article

Interleukin-23 receptor expressing γδ T cells locally promote early atherosclerotic lesion formation and plaque necrosis in mice

Cardiovascular Research, Vol. 118, Nr. 14, , P. 2932–2945
Type: Journal article

Pulsed Blue Laser Diode Thermal Desorption Microplasma Imaging Mass Spectrometry

Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, Vol. 33, Nr. 1, , P. 45–53
Type: Journal article