Biomedical Research

In the Biomedical Research department we want to better understand the fundamentals underlying illnesses and to find new ways to diagnose these illnesses at the earliest possible stage. Biomedical research is an interdisciplinary field bordering on biology, chemistry and medicine.

We are primarily concerned with common diseases, such as cancer and neurodegenerative illnesses. The courses taken by such ailments are highly individual and often insidious. In many cases, they are not recognised until they can no longer be properly treated.

We therefore want to develop methods and technologies for biomedical research that are able to recognise these illnesses at an early stage; namely at a stage at which those afflicted still show no signs of illness, even though the pathological processes have already started. That is why we are looking for biomarkers, for example, that can reliably identify a disease even during the lead-up phase when symptoms are still not apparent. Imaging processes, such as MALDI imaging, are another central feature of our work.  

Current Publications

Oral Chaperone Therapy Migalastat for Treating Fabry Disease: Enzymatic Response and Serum Biomarker Changes After 1 Year

Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, Vol. 2019, Nr. 5, , P. 1224–1233
Type: Journal article