The 17 member institutes of the Leibniz Research Alliance on Bioactive Compounds and Biotechnology concentrate their collaboration on research into bioactive compounds – molecules which induce a defined physiological change in target organisms. The range of expertise in this alliance not only covers the development of bioactive compounds for use in medicine, food industry and agriculture, but also the expansion of the relevant toxicological knowledge base for an expert assessment of the effectiveness and safety of natural as well as chemically or biotechnologically optimised bioactive compounds.

In the scope of the Leibniz Research Alliance on Bioactive Compounds and Biotechnology and together with several other institutes (Leibniz Institute for Natural Substance Research and Infection biology – Hans Knöll Institute (coordinator), Leibniz Institute for Plant Bio-chemistryLeibniz Institute for Polymer ResearchLeibniz Institute for New Materials), ISAS participates in the Leibniz Research Cluster Bio/Synthetic Multi-functional Micro Production Units – New Ways to Develop Active Agents funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. In the scope of the Leibniz Research Cluster (LRC), ISAS has established a junior research group on Analytics and Reaction Characterisation that is led by Dr. Erik Freier and develops methods to measure complex metabolites and enzyme activities in minute liquid samples based on CARS microscopy.