We want to share the results of our research and the analytical techniques that we develop with partners from science and business. The aim is to help them overcome scientific and technical challenges, in particular those involving health research and healthcare services, and to acquire them as specialist users and experts in practical applications for our interdisciplinary research projects. However, our technologies are not limited to the field of health research: Our extensive methodical expertise and our excellent technical equipment make us a suitable partner for analyses in other areas of application.

The transfer programmes and services offered by ISAS range from advice provided to researchers in other scientific institutions, to associations and to political policy-makers, to joint research with businesses and contract research through to individual measurements and the provision of analytical standards. The institute also provides licenses for patented innovations. Our services and current technologies are summarised below.

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Tools & Services

Ellipsometry of the visible spectrum through to the vacuum ultraviolet range

This method measures the electronic properties, crystallinity and structure of thin layers from the micrometre range through to atomic structures.
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Peptide synthesis and amino acid analysis

Our services include the synthesis of peptide standards for precise and robust protein quantification.
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Polarisation-dependent infrared spectroscopy and ellipsometry

This technique is particularly well suited for investigating new materials, metamaterials, hybrid materials and thin organic and inorganic layers.
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Proteome analysis via LC-MS

ISAS is equipped with the latest LC-MS systems which enable us to reliably identify proteins.
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Relative protein quantification by means of LC-MS

In addition to qualitative analyses, our Technical Services Bioanalytics also offers to quantify proteins.
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Technology Offers

Electrospray ionisation

Dielectric barrier electrospray ionisation method for liquid samples and subsequent mass-spectrometry analysis of the created sample ions
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Metabolomics Platform

Metabolomics Platform for live in vitro metabolomics, toxicology and pharmacology
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Thrombocyte function

Medical diagnostic test for thrombocyte function with measurement on individual cell basis
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Virus microscope

Optical observation and detection method for microparticles and nanoparticles: "Virus microscope"
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