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Optical observation and detection method for microparticles and nanoparticles

  • Development of a fast and sensitive method for measuring virus concentrations

  • Real-time analysis possible

  • Applications in highly sensitive clinical diagnostics


The invention uses surface plasmon resonance (SPR) Spectroscopy based on the so-called Kretschmann configuration for biosensors. This observes a local change in reflectivity caused by the interaction of nanoparticles with the evanescent field. The newly developed appliance is tasked with the optical detection of particles that are considerably smaller than the ones detectable with light microscopy. The invention can hence be used to observe in real time how virus particles settle on a surface. This sensitive method can be a decisive breakthrough for fast image processing, especially in combination with the software developed specifically for this at the Technical University Dortmund.


One possible application for this invention is in highly sensitive clinical diagnostics.

Intellecutal property rights

Germany: patent application DE102009003548 (P/73)

U.S. patent: US8587786 (P/73)


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