Strategies for a personalised early diagnosis, prevention, and therapy monitoring of cardiovascular diseases

In their main project, the Standardisation group works on methods for analysing the platelet proteome. The work focuses on the question whether information on someone's state of health can be derived from changes in their platelets. The group applies targeted proteomics technologies in order to determine the exact amounts of different proteins in platelets. This protein composition is a decisive factor in many cardiovascular illnesses, as they are often accompanied or even caused by blood clotting disorders.

To obtain a reliable data basis for the identification of biomarkers and the determination of their normal distribution, samples taken from different population groups (sub-divided by age, gender, body mass index, and smoking habits) are investigated over a long period via mass spectrometry. The data will be used to identify the "normal state" of healthy platelets. In future, a comparison with samples from cardiovascular patients should provide information on someone's state of health or their individual disease risk.