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Current Publications

Toward Zero Variance in Proteomics Sample Preparation

Journal of Proteome Research, Vol. 21, Nr. 4, , P. 1181–1188
Type: Journal article

Generation of a humanized FXII knock-in mouse-A powerful model system to test novel anti-thrombotic agents

Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis : JTH, Vol. 19, Nr. 11, , P. 2835–2840
Type: Journal article

INPP5K and SIL1 associated pathologies with overlapping clinical phenotypes converge through dysregulation of PHGDH

Brain, Vol. 144, Nr. 8, , P. 2427–2442
Type: Journal article

Cutting the Gordian knot: early and complete amino acid sequence confirmation of class II lasso peptides by HCD fragmentation

The Journal of Antibiotics, Vol. 73, Nr. 11, , P. 772–779
Type: Journal article

Mitochondrial CLPP2 assists coordination and homeostasis of respiratory complexes

Plant Physiology, Vol. 184, Nr. 184, , P. 148–164
Type: Journal article

Detection of axillary perspiration metabolites using ion mobility spectrometry coupled to rapid gas-chromatography

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, , P. 1–10
Type: Journal article