Erik Freier in an interview with the German podcast Wirkstoffradio

The German podcast Wirsktoffradio has visited ISAS Dortmund and interviewed junior group leader Erik Freier for its latest episode.

TImPANI project partners meet in Dortmund

On 14 and 15 January, the partners of the twinning project TImPANI met for an introductory visit at ISAS City in Dortmund.

Extension granted for Collaborative Research Centers with ISAS participation

Good news at ISAS: Due to recent extension grants, the institute currently participates in three DFG Collaborative Research Centers.

4th Lipidomics Forum attracts international lipid experts

From November 11 to 13, the fourth Lipidomics Forum took place at ISAS Campus. About 80 lipidomics experts attended the international conference in Dortmund.

Robert Ahrends wins Biomedicine Award

The Society for the Promotion of Biomedical and Clinical Research e.V. (registered association) has awarded its annual Biomedicine Award. One of the awardees is Dr Robert Ahrends from ISAS.

Leibniz at the State Parliament 2018

At the event "Leibniz at the State Parliament", Leibniz scientists recently met NRW representatives at the State Parliament in Düsseldorf for one-on-one interviews

World Thrombosis Day on 13 October

With the World Thrombosis Day, health organisations worldwide raise awareness for the underrated risks of this illness. At ISAS, we take the opportunity to promote the thrombosis radar that was developed by our Standardisation group.

Colourful beans and living molecules

How do molecules feel inside a mass spectrometer? On 28 September, we tried to answer this and many other questions during the ScienceNight Ruhr in the DASA Dortmund.

Summer School of the ISAS PhDs

In mid-September, all ISAS PhD students met for their annual Summer School at ISAS Campus in Dortmund.

DDHD opening celebration

The Drug Discovery Hub Dortmund (DDHD), of which ISAS is one of the partners, was ceremonially opened at the TU Dortmund on 17 September.