Suyuan Chen in the lab

Against the Current: A Way Back to Basic Research

Suyuan Chen cannot find the taste of his hometown Mianyang anywhere else. Nevertheless, the PhD student gave up his job at a pharmaceutical company in China to research methods for cancer diagnoses at ISAS. In the interview, he explains why. More


„We Age Because our Metabolism Makes Mistakes“

For Radio 91.2's podcast "Ruhrpott, deine Forschung", Dr. Martín Hugo explains how the research of the working group ERC Sulfaging contributes to uncovering mechanisms of ageing, and what hydrogen sulfide has got to do with this. More

Christopher Borg in the laboratory

What's Your Task as an Intern, Christopher?

Interns at ISAS do more than make coffee. Christopher Borg gives an exemplary insight into his internship, during which he worked on using a miniaturised plasma as an ion source for ion mobility spectrometry (IMS). More


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