20 Leibnis Fellows participate in the workshop

'Falling Walls': Supporting Scientists with Business Ideas

20 young Leibniz Fellows from all disciplines come together at ISAS to hone their entrepreneurial skills. The workshop 'From PhD to Innovator' of the 'Falling Walls' Foundation and the Leibniz Association offers young scientists the opportunity to develop ideas for their own start-ups. More

Kaja Reiffert in the lab

What’s Your Task as a PhD Student, Kaja?

When Kaja Reiffert thinks of silver, she does not think of jewellery at all, but rather of infections. Giving an insight into her everyday work in the lab, the biologist reveals why she is researching the influence of ultra-small silver nanoparticles on implant surfaces for her dissertation. More

Dr. Amol Fatangare und Valentina Peters

Blood Test for a Safe Diagnosis of Drug Allergies

In the INA research project, ISAS, the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices, University Hospital RWTH Aachen and Life & Brain GmbH want to improve an existing blood test. Their goal is to predict drug allergies without any risk for patients. For this purpose, Dr Amol Fatangare (ISAS) is investigating protein expression. More

A female researcher uses the mass spectrometer

Fascinating Insights into Platelet Research

The DFG project TR 240 aims to decipher the complex functions of blood platelets. The video gives an insight into how scientists at TR 240 conduct their research to enable a better treatment of heart attacks, strokes and cancer in the future. More


Preparations for the New Annual Report Have Started

Work on the new ISAS Annual Report is currently in full swing so that it can be published in May. In addition to conducting interviews and writing articles, the work also includes photo shoots that give an insight into exciting research projects. More


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