German-Serbian Knowledge Exchange at ISAS

Dr. Jasmina Zivanovic and Dr. Marko Miler from Belgrade are visiting ISAS in the context of the „Serbian Science and Diaspora Collaboration Program“. They are investigating how our day-night rhythm influences structural changes in proteins. More

A portrait of Julia Lill

On The Trail of Deceptive Immune Cells

Julia Lill wants to understand why the body's own immune cells can even aggravate some diseases such as cancer instead of fighting them. Therefore, she examines specialised immune cells in the tumour microenvironment and creates a database of possible proteins responsible for this. More


Excellent Doctorate with the Looping Plasma

Sebastian Brandt's microtube plasma unites sample delivery and ionisation for the first time in combination with a nano-electrospray - so that a large number of complex analytes in a sample, including cholesterol, can be examined more reliably and efficiently than before. More


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