Group photo visit of Dr Strack

Hand in Hand for Successful Publications

Dr Rita Strack revealed the secret of successful publications during her talk at ISAS. Even for established scientists, much of what the experienced Nature Methods senior editor revealed in Dortmund was new - and important, also regarding future publications in other journals. More

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Differences are Critical

What do sex-specific differences mean for health research? What role do they play in applied basic research, for example in understanding the genesis of diseases or in the search for new therapeutic approaches? Five ISAS scientists with different research focuses have an answer to these questions.

Portrait Dr. Rita Strack

Guest at ISAS: Talk with Dr Rita Strack on September 21

The talk with Dr. Rita Strack on September 21, 2022 (Dortmund + online) is about insights into the publication processes at the renowned journal Nature Methods. Guests are going to have the opportunity to discuss editorial criteria for the acceptance of papers with the senior editor. More

Prof Dr Tienush Rassaf

“The aim is to prolong the lives of cancer patients without additional damage”

As a cardiologist, Prof Dr Tienush Rassaf not only diagnoses and treats patients with heart conditions, but also conducts research with his team at Essen University Hospital on the relationship between cancer therapies and heart disease. In this interview, he explains which therapeutic approaches for the fight against cancer could prolong life and at the same time reduce the risk of heart damage as a consequence of the treatment. More

Dr. Elen Tolstik & Dr. Fiorella Solari

Two ISAS Postdocs Accepted for Leibniz Mentoring

Excellent research achievements and the recognisably pursued goal of attaining a leading position in science and research - anyone who brings these two aspects to the table as a researcher can look forward to being accepted into the Leibniz Association's mentoring programme. Physicist Dr Elen Tolstik and biologist Dr Fiorella Solari give an insight into what they hope to gain from their participation. More

Portrait Prof. Dr. Ronen Alon

Guest at ISAS: Colloquium with Prof Dr Ronen Alon

The role of the protein ICAM-1 and its receptor LFA-1 in the immune response will be one of the topics of the colloquium with Prof. Dr. Ronen Alon on August 24. The event will take place in Dortmund; online participation is also possible. More

Julia Rauch & Susmita Ghosh am Bravo Roboter

Tumour-Associated Neutrophils: A Robot Could Save Precious Samples

For Susmita Ghosh, examining the molecular makeup of tumour-associated neutrophils comes with two challenges: limited samples and biopsy material prone to damage. With the help of a robot and fellow PhD student Julia Rauch, not only Ghosh, but also other scientists could profit when working with leucocytes in the future.

Portrait Andreas Hentschel

Biomarkers for Babies with Rare Diseases

Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is a rare neuromuscular disease that causes muscle weakness and paralysis in young children. For some infants, the inherited disease is even fatal. To improve drug therapy for SMA patients, scientists at ISAS have identified a protein that can be used to control the course of the disease. More

Kshitij Sinha

Internship: From Varanasi to Dortmund with the Help of Twitter

At ISAS, Kshitij Sinha is not only coming into contact with the German language for the first time, but also with new programming languages. The 22-year-old shares his thoughts on how he made it from India to Germany and how he intends to contribute to the development of new drugs against tuberculosis. More


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