The Nanostructures group performs basic research on nano interfaces and on hybrid interfaces between organic molecules and inorganic materials. The group also further develops and refines optical spectroscopy methods in order to better analyse these materials, interfaces and nanostructures.

Materials with a defined structure in the micro or nano range often have special physical properties which make them interesting for many applications - such as electronic components, which are deployed not only in computer technology, but also in new sensors and devices for biomedical applications. However, in order to be able to use such materials reliably, their structures must be precisely known and understood. This is where the work of the Nanostructures group comes in: The group deploys methods such as Raman spectroscopy, ellipsometry or absorption spectroscopy to characterise the formation and the physical properties of semiconductor structures or nanowires, for example.    

Current Publications

Organic Molecule Adsorption on Stepped Si-Au Surfaces: Role of Functional Group on Geometry and Electronic Structure

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Type: Journal article

Electric Field Induced Raman Scattering at the Sb-InP(110) Interface

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Type: Journal article

Iodine determination by high-resolution continuum source molecular absorption spectrometry – A comparison between potential molecules

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Raman Spectroscopy on Surface Phonons of Si(hhk) Surface Modified by Au Submonolayers

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Type: Journal article

Surface vibrations in the T-4 and H-3 Pb phases on Si(111)

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Type: Journal article

Zirconium permanent modifiers for graphite furnace used in absorption spectrometry: understanding their structure and mechanism of action

Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, Vol. 33, , P. 2034–2042
Type: Journal article