Bioresponsive Materials

The Bioresponsive Materials group is concerned with processes that can take place in the transition range of different phases – for example, where a solid substance meets a liquid or air. The research focuses on biological systems (functionalised surfaces, biological surfaces, cells) and their interaction with their environment. The processes under investigation include the (self-)organisation of molecules, the transport along or through interfaces, catalytic reactions and biological compatibility. The group investigates the adsorption of fundamental biological building blocks, for example, and small biomolecules on metallic surfaces which play a role in the compatibility of joint prostheses.

In order to examine biomolecules, the Bioresponsive Materials group develops methods of analysis which can be deployed under something approaching natural conditions. The work therefore focuses on NAP-XPS (near ambient pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy), SPR microscopy (surface plasmon resonance microscopy) und NMR spectroscopy (nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy).

Current Publications

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