The Proteomics group aims at describing and understanding biological systems at different levels of complexity. To this end, it develops methods to qualitatively and quantitatively detect biomolecules, particularly proteins.

The group is concerned both with the structure of proteins and with the dynamic changes triggered by external influences, metabolic processes and communication processes in cells. These play a role in almost all diseases – including common illnesses, such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes. The potential applications for this work therefore extend from purely basic research through to new developments for medical diagnostics. An important aspect in this context is a targeted, personalised treatment of illnesses. However, such a therapy approach is not possible until it is known precisely where and how which (bio-)molecule acts inside the cell, how it is transported and where it binds; in other words, how the biological system works as a whole.

Current Publications

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Acid sphingomyelinase deactivation post-ischemia promotes brain angiogenesis and remodeling by small extracellular vesicles

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The potential of remdesivir to affect function, metabolism and proliferation of cardiac and kidney cells in vitro

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Roles of Focal Adhesion Kinase PTK2 and Integrin αIIbβ3 Signaling in Collagen- and GPVI-Dependent Thrombus Formation under Shear

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Electronic cigarette liquids impair metabolic cooperation and alter proteomic profiles in V79 cells

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Combinatorial Optimization of Activity-Based Probes for Acyl Protein Thioesterases 1 and 2

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