Our work in the Bioanalytics department involves trying to understand the highly complex signalling and metabolic pathways in cells and cell layers in the human body at different levels, from lipids through to intercellular communication processes. Our long-term objective is to improve the health of the general public. To this end, we develop techniques to measure molecule diffusion with spatial and temporal resolution. We hope that these measurement techniques and the results of analyses can be used to help diagnose a variety of illnesses more easily – such as cardiovascular diseases - and perhaps even to develop new therapies. 

In order to explain the multitude of single processes in as much detail and as reliably as possible, we work on living cells and with microchips on which the transport and signalling paths of human cells are simulated.

Current Publications

Lymphocyte transformation test

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Type: Journal article

Targeted Quantification of Phosphorylation Sites Identifies STRIPAK-Dependent Phosphorylation of the Hippo Pathway-Related Kinase SmKIN3

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eIF5A hypusination, boosted by dietary spermidine, protects from premature brain aging and mitochondrial dysfunction

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MARCKS affects cell motility and response to BTK inhibitors in CLL

Type: Journal article

Regulatory Function of Sympathetic Innervation on the Endo/Lysosomal Trafficking of Acetylcholine Receptor

Frontiers in Physiology,
Type: Journal article