We are characterised by our interdisciplinary work: in our three research programmes (Disease Mechanisms and TargetsBiomarkers; Bio-Imaging) we combine our expertise in method developing with the in-depth knowledge of researchers from our translational research departments and groups. Currently the scientific work at ISAS is structured into three departments with a total of eleven research groups. The scientists are supported by the institute's scientific-technical services, which are assigned either to the work groups themselves or, in the Bioanalytics department, to Technical Services Bioanalytics.




The Bioanalytics department wants to better understand the highly complex signalling and metabolic pathways in cells and cell groups.



In the biospectroscopy, we use imaging techniques and high-resolution 3D microscopy to investigate biopysial processes in cells, tissues and organs.

Translational Research


We develop methods and technologies to better understand the factors underlying diseases and to diagnose them at an early stage.


International experts from various fields work under one roof at ISAS to develop and refine measurement methods.
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