Art for the jubilee

For its 60-year jubilee, ISAS invited students from the design department of Dortmund University of Applied Science to visit the institute and visualize the research – literally. This led to the creation of ten impressive works. Two pieces by young artist Frank Hildebrandt were acquired by ISAS and installed in the institute's building in Otto-Hahn-Straße: “The Art of Seeing” and “The Depth of Things”.

Both refer to a quote from Günter Eich: “The depth of things is their surface”. The two times two metres wall installation “The Depth of Things” reproduces the quote in Braille using stainless steel spheres in the round. “The Art of Seeing” expands on the principle with seven plates bearing transcriptions of the Eich quote in Braille using a variety of materials.



From the founding until today

A lot has happened in the more than 60 years since the research institute for “modern analytical chemistry using physical, mostly spectroscopic methods” was established in 1952. Not only the applied methods and technologies have changed, but the institute's strategic orientation, internal structures and even its name have also been in constant transition.

A detailed look at ISAS’ eventful past is provided in a commemorative brochure created for the 60th anniversary, which is available for download here.