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ISAS is organising a four-day course in Dortmund in March 2024 on the use of the Skyline programme for (un)targeted proteomics and metabolomics, lipidomics and glycomics. The course is aimed both at people who are already familiar with the open-source software and at researchers with no prior knowledge. The course will cover the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Targeted Quantitative Proteomics & Skyline, SRM Assay Development.

  2. Parallel Reaction Monitoring (PRM), Indexed Retention Time & Absolute Quantification

  3. MS1 Filtering, DIA Data Analysis & Further Advanced Topics

  4. Small Molecules Data Analysis

Among the invited speakers are Skyline developer Brendan MacLean (University of Washington), Dr. Noortje de Haan (Leiden University Medical Center), Dr. Jörg Reinders (Leibniz Institute for Human Factors Research at TU Dortmund University) and Dr. Michele Wölk (TU Dresden).

The registration fee is 600 euros (academic) or 900 euros (industry). It includes course materials, drinks, lunch and one joint dinner. Participants are required to bring their own notebooks (Windows operating system or a virtual Windows machine, at least 8 GB RAM, admin rights) for the training.

Registration is possible until 15 December 2023. The course will take place with a registration of at least 20 people.