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Welcome to the ISAS

Leibniz-Institut für
Analytische Wissenschaften – ISAS – e.V.

ISAS provides innovative solutions for analytical challenges in modern material and life sciences.

The range of our scientific works reaches from fundamental research via developing analytical procedures, techniques and instruments through to prototype manufacturing and to validation and testing of the results. Thus, we can directly implement methodic developments into new applications.

The institute unites scientists from various fields under one roof: e.g. physicists, chemists, biologists and engineers. We are a member of the Leibniz association and run different research sites in Dortmund and Berlin. We are also closely connected to the Universities in Dortmund (TU Dortmund), Bochum (Ruhr-University Bochum) and Berlin (TU Berlin) by joint professorships.

Our research is geared to the key topics of "material science and optical technologies" and "biomedical research and technologies".

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